Fabletics Reaches Subscription Service Fans

Women that are working out want it look good when they are out for jog. They want to be trendy when they leave home for the gym. Kate Hudson believes this, and she knows the solution for this dilemma.


Fabletics is the company that she helped create along with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. This serves as a platform that caters to women that are looking for clothing that is comfortable and flattering. She has been able to provide what women are in need of because she knows how women feel about the workout process.


Kate Hudson is a celebrity that appears in movies, but she is still aware of the insecurities that women have. She is someone that is open about her body and her shape, and she lets people know that she works hard too keep to the figure that she has. Fabletics does is serve as a platform for her to encourage women and market clothes that they will feel comfortable wearing.


Athlesiure clothing is really taking off, and Fabletics seems to be the company that is spearheading this movement. Kate Hudson is prepared to compete with the competition by offering a large selection of athlesiure clothes that cannot be found anywhere else.


This type of clothing is something that allows her to compete with department stores that have been selling clothing to women for years. Many women that are looking for clothes for working out may find a limited selection in one store and other items in another place. Others may find that they cannot even find leggings and activewear in the same place sometimes. This is what Kate Hudson focuses on in order to compete successfully. She has devised a strategy where her clothing line is an extensive amount of workout clothing and accessories that meet the needs of women of lots of different sizes. She is capitalizing on this niche market, and that allows her to gain leverage over Amazon.


People that have shopped on Amazon are aware that this company has a large selection of things like clothes, but many times these are third-party vendors that are selling products that are found on this website. This gives customers a lot of different options, but it is obvious that there is no real connection with the customers through Amazon. Many of these companies that are selling similar products do not even have models in place to advertise the clothes to customers.


It makes sense to have customers in place that are going to be loyal to the brand. This is why Kate Hudson is pushing for subscription services. This gives her the ability to predict the number of customers that plan to patronize Fabletics throughout the course of the year. This is very valuable information because it allows her to set a scope of what revenue will be. Is very interesting for this brand to move in the way that it does because it shows that customers are fans of subscription services for clothing.