Tammy Mazzocco and the Goal that Came True

Tammy Mazzocco is a very goal oriented person, and it would seem like she has attained some of her major goals in the real estate business. She has had her real estate license since 1995 but did not go into full-time selling until 1999. She had worked for several real estate agencies like reMax and agents and had seen the income potential of selling real estate, and that is what caused her to take the plunge.

Tammy is a successful resident real estate seller in Central, and she works four counties in her efforts, a regimen that keeps her busy. She has done well, and the reason is that she segments her time into slices of life that keep her doing the things that are productive.

Tammy starts her day with some meditation, a few stretching exercises, and then moves to her desk to get some paperwork out of the way. From there, she gets on the telephone to line up appointments and people who she can meet and show them houses. This has been the routine that Mazzocco has followed for years.

When dealing with people, Tammy likes to emphasize that when a realtor doesn’t concentrate on the needs of the clients, nothing will work correctly. When client’s feel that the realtor understands their issues, some manner of sale is almost assured. It is very important that Realtors know this and carry it out. Tammy goes on to say that she has to zero in on the needs and concerns of the client whatever they may be.

The earlier days were difficult for Tammy Mazzocco because she was very shy and found that it was difficult to speak with people. Someone suggested that she always start the conversation and that way the other party would have to pick up and respond. That worked very well. Mazzocco always learned and didn’t hesitate to use a good idea if it worked. That is why she has been so successful.

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