Hussain Saqwani Develops Luxurious Properties in the Middle East

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties in Dubai. The company is involved in residential and commercial properties as well as leisure properties in Dubai in the Middle East regions. The company is characterized by glitzy property developments and marketing strategies to draw major attention. They have been involved in golf course projects partnered with Donald Trump.

Although, DAMAC Properties is more well-known for real estate, Saqwani is also recognized for his outstanding food service, provided by his first business, a food catering service. They were recognized for providing outstanding food service to the United States army during operation Desert Storm. The catering company has provided service to major American corporations as well. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Hussain is getting ready for a recovery that is seen in United Arab Emirates property prices. He is also considering an initial public offering of shares of his company on the London Stock exchange. He is currently evaluating his options regarding a possible IPO.

Starting in 2002, Hussain Sajwani felt that the real estate market in Dubai was beginning to turn around. He had been involved in real estate projects in the mid-markets before 2002, however in 2002, he jumped full force into luxury developments and marketed them aggressively. He claims he saw the 2008 real estate crash coming. He cut costs and was able to ride through the storm. L

currently has several projects underway in major Middle Eastern markets. Because of brand recognition of DAMAC Properties, Hussain has joined forces with some well-known names to promote luxury apartments with interiors by Versace Home. He has worked on golf courses designed by Tiger Woods. He has worked on projects with Paramount Hotels and Resorts.

Hussain Saqwani is also actively involved in charitable giving and philanthropy. He has donated millions of dollars to organizations supporting underprivileged families and children.