Startups prosper with Marc Sparks’ valuable guidance

Marc Sparks, the venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur based out of Dallas, Texas, has put together an extremely impressive portfolio in the business world, all acquired through hard work, confidence, and perseverance.Learn more :


Mr. Sparks, who has had experience in venture investing, real estate, auto insurance, and business solutions, to name but a few of his past accomplishments, has turned his diverse experience in the business world into an invaluable asset that has aided many others in the business community in realizing their own success and prosperity.


With a rather pedestrian C+ grade point average in high school, and no formal college education, Mr. Sparks has used his unique business sense and talent to help startup business owners realize the success they so dearly need to help them grow and develop. As an expert in business planning and strategy, he has helped guide to success more than 60 startup companies to date.


Mr. Sparks, who loves to create “magical and wonderful businesses from scratch”, elected to put his experience and passion for helping business owners into a much more recognized and open medium. Authoring the book ‘They Can’t Eat You‘, he hopes to inspire others with his own story, highlighting his personal life. In the text, he goes on to trace a path to success that he hopes others will follow. Perhaps the bottom line of the text is that, through confidence, anyone can become a success in business.


In addition to his significant business accomplishments, Mr. Sparks has proven to be a terrific philanthropist in the Dallas area. Since the late 1980s, he has been involved with the Samaratin Inn, a “zero tolerance” homeless shelter greatly assisting many in the Dallas area. His contributions, significant financially as they are, are most certainly not limited to giving dollars and cents. He has helped build homes for Habitats for Humanity, and is a passionate supporter of American Can! Academy, a high school magnet program in Dallas.


The founder, owner, and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, Mr. Sparks has created an immensely successful website and blog. In his blog, he writes about such important topics as inspiring experiences in entrepreneurship; business successes and failures; and other diverse areas which include faith and tenacity, food, health/exercise, and world travel.