Richard Blair: Investment Educator

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, the founder of the Registered Investment Advisory Firm, creates an intelligent, and well-formed three-pillar approach. He has successfully assisted in helping clients prepare for retirement and everything that goes along with it. This creates a positive outlook as clients look onto the future, they can focus on their goals and rest assured that Wealth Solutions will handle the rest. The firm is dedicated to assisting with wealth management and retirement planning. The firm operates inside of Austin, Texas, the firm is dedicated to creating a personalized experience, founder Blair believes that all people should have a clear financial plan so that their goals become more achievable. With the help of the firm, he has created a solid base plan that is then personalized to fit the client’s needs.


The plan starts by truly getting to know the client. They address their financial map of what they plan to achieve and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Every financial plan will not be identical and by taking that into consideration that provides Wealth Solutions with a one of a kind client experience. Secondly, they come up with the strategy that will help make those investment goals, based off of what was discussed in the first step. This is the step that involves Richard actually reapportions the funds and manages them to get to the needed level at the right time. Finally, once the plan has been completely set up as to what needs to be done and what they will do, Richard Blair takes care of the long-term care and life annuities, along with everything going along with them.


Thanks to both his mother and his grandmother being teachers, Richard received a cultured and educated view as a result. He founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 and has been assisting the Austin, Texas area ever since. His firm offers an impartial point of view and equally represents each one of them. By assisting his clients with growing their investment as they reach retirement, he isn’t just providing a service; he is providing peace of mind to the many who may not have otherwise known how.


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Teaming Up for Change: Michael Lacey, Jim Larkin, and Arizona’s ACLU

With the core values of individual liberty, justice, and equality the American Civil Liberties Union of ACLU has been policing Arizona since 1959. In accordance with the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of the State of Arizona, the ACLU fiercely defends those they feel have been denied access to their own basic civil liberties.

They represent equality issues facing immigrants, LGBT individuals, and other minorities. They have taken a personal interest in the disenfranchised groups because of the growing problems that seem to plague them. To the ACLU a person’s rights should not be decided by their status within society, they should be extended to all human beings.

From their initial formation, the ACLU of Arizona has been challenging laws and police action for decades. A recent cause in 2007, saw the persecution of the corruption within Joe Arpaio’s police department.

Unfortunately, the Sheriff and his deputies would locate arbitrary reasons to pull people over because of their race. Once they had been pulled over, they would then be interrogated about their legal status within the country.

These patrols were planned as an immigration initiative and displayed practices of blatant racism towards the individuals involved.

When word spread of Arpaio’s leadership, a federal class-action lawsuit was filed. Melendres v. Arpaio found that Arpaio and his deputies had indeed engaged in racism when stopping individuals. To alleviate the behavior, Arpaio was barred from enforcing any type of immigration and assigned a monitor. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Further back in their history, the ACLU of Arizona was also responsible for helping legalize multi-racial marriage in their state.

This ruling had a domino effect within the legal system and became a catalyst for the landmark case that resulted in the Miranda Rights police are required to read before interrogation.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was set up by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to support an organization like the ACLU of Arizona. The co-founders of the Phoenix New Times had a specific reason for wanting to help those who did not feel like they had a voice. After printing their own story about Arpaio’s department, they were arrested.

The resulting lawsuit ended in a judgment rewarding them a hefty sum that the journalist chose to invest back into the community.

Lacey and Larkin insist that the money from their lawsuit be used for migrant individuals to help give them better representation in society.

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The Kind Hands of USHEALTH Advisors to the People

USHEALTH Advisors is a department responsible for marketing USHEALTH Group. Mainly, this arm is competent in matters to do with health coverage, insurance policies and so much more. Also focuses on helping the small entrepreneurs with their workers and all who depend on them. With very many years of action and experience in this field of operation, the organization has better knowledge on how to deal with different healthcare services. This agency believes in backing one up even when the person has no shoulder to lean on or even real friends to support and truly embrace one either in time of danger or peace.

When one is recruited as an advisor agent of this firm, he/she is required to undergo the proper training which will aid one in times of serving diverse clients. With confident and charming leaders around the agency, many clients have been motivated towards achieving the best. This firm is so much good to the extent of attaining awards for their great job when it comes to their way of working. Serving clients and offering a unique mode of solutions to their issues and needs is what the company has been up to. Customers to this agency enjoy since they are served well and in a calm manner.

The success of clients is what this firm minds and stresses up to achieve. When USHEALTH Advisors serve you, you acquire something they term as personal satisfactions where they make sure they help you to the last minute to ensure that client’s satisfaction is felt. On the other side, the agency makes sure it is never left behind. Every time the firm’s staffs serve one, they ensure they have correctly acquired what we call professional achievement due to how they care and carry with a lot of weight all that you take to them to be solved.

The company has always believed that before it succeeds, all that need help must first make it through the problems they undergo. They always pay the price to be able to gain the market niche needed for clients to prioritize and make it businesswise. To summarize it all is that kindness is much viewed in the services and all operations USHEALTH Advisors offer.

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