The actions of Joe Arpaio and how they contributed to the start of the Frontera fund.

Human rights are some of the most critical aspects of any democracy and this is one of the key reasons why organizations that fight for them are considered as some of the most important organizations among our communities. This is build from the premise that some especially those are responsible for enforcing the law are some of the most blatant violators of these same laws that they are supposed to uphold especially if they are based on their personal discriminative perceptions on what others that are different from them especially in ethnicity or race are concerned. The need for these organizations to continue the fight for equal and fair treatment is what has been the rallying point of communities and individuals around them and empowered them to what they are today as they value the services that they provide to them dearly. Some of this organizations and foundations are self-funded while others are dependent on well-wishers to fund them in their activities.

Some of these organizations are the following

The Frontera fund was a fund that was started by Jim Larkin and Michael lacey this is an organization that can trace its roots to Maricopa County in Arizona. This was the home county of Sheriff Joe Arpaio on of the sheriff who was well known for targeting members of the Hispanic community especially as a way of “fighting crime”. He was so blatant that he was willing to arrest and detain journalist who spoke up against his ways and in the end, the county had to pay the two 3.75 million dollars as settlement for the same. The money was used to start the fund which today caters for the same community that he was so used to harassing and thanks to the steps taken by the Frontera fund the community in Arizona has been able to see a lot of improvements from the pre-Frontera era.

The antics of Sheriff Joe Arpaio on that October night when he made the illegal arrest against Michael lacey and Jim Larkin will forever change the future of Maricopa County as it redefined the way one can treat a journalist and get away with.


USHEALTH Group, Inc. and its CEO, Troy A. McQuagge

Troy A. McQuagge joined the USHEALTH Group, Inc in July 2010. He came in as the chief executive officer of the company. Troy A. McQuagge was again elected the chief marketing officer and the executive vice president of the USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy A. McQuagge was promoted to the current position as the chief executive officer of the USHEALTH Group, Inc and also as the president of the company. Moreover, he served in the same capacity in the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America together with the other USHEALTH Group.

Troy A. McQuagge began his profession journey by working with the Allstate Insurance Company in the year 1983. Afterwards, he was taken in by the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. later in the year 1995 in which he later rose to become its president in the year 1997. Troy McQuagge son became a successful in the company as he made a significant number of sales record each year. UICI was bought by a private company which changed its name into Health Markets. Troy A. McQuagge was given the mandate of managing all the sales and marketing effort of the company. Troy A. McQuagge afterward took over again as the Health Market’s president. Under his leading, the company was able to exceed its $1 billion annual sales to make the company be rated as the insurance sales company of the year by the Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine.

USHEALTH Group, Inc provides insurance solutions. The company’s headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas. Insurance solutions provided by USHEALTH Group, Inc include innovative life, accidents and disability and specified diseases or sicknesses to families, individual, small business owners and their employees. Moreover, USHEALTH Group, Inc dental coverage, clinical illnesses, vision among many others. The USHEALTH group has spread its services to reach millions of individual and customers within five decades.

USHEALTH Group, Inc, group of companies works to provide its clients a reliable, affordable and secure cover plans. The companies comprise of genuine and committed innovators of credited services throughout the region it covers. USHEALTH Group, Inc provides a portfolio full of plans that to suffice their clients’ needs. There is an apt acronym for the staffs, the entire management and including the independent contractors of USHEALTH Group, Inc: Helping Other People Every day. It is their mission to endeavor and produce a positive difference to the community’s life on a daily basis. Read more on about Troy McQuagge Son

USHEALTH Group family of businesses offered the first dollar benefits for the customers that are on a limited budget or those concerned with a high annual deductible. They receive benefits for substantial network discounts and covered services. These plans are more beneficial than the comprehensive plans and still offer assurances that limited protection offers. Whichever the plan the customer chooses, USHEALTH Group family of companies ensures that it enhances their security. In the competitive market world, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has developed a long termrelationship with their clients by winning them with their consistent, reliable service.

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USHEALTH Group Inc Highly Reputed and Progressive Health Insurance Provider

The health insurance industry is one of the most crowded as well as competitive industries in the United States. There are scores of health and life insurance companies operating in the country, but one of the companies that has been silently and efficiently doing its job for years is USHEALTH Group Inc. The company has a collective experience of over 50 years in the health insurance industry and has ensured that the customers get an economical and customized range of health insurance plans that meet their requirements optimally. Learn more about  USHealth Group at Crunchbase

In most of the cases, when people go looking for health insurance plans, they end up overspending or buying a plan they don’t need. However, the insurance agents of USHEALTH Group are well trained and certified and can grasp exactly what the customers are looking for. It has helped the company to provide suitable health insurance plans to over 15 million customers till date.

USHEALTH Group Inc has received rave reviews from thousands of its happy and satisfied customers. The company provides its health insurance plans through it’s two wholly owned subsidiaries, namely Freedom Life Insurance Company and National Life Insurance Company. The network of insurance agents of USHEALTH Group Inc is extensive and spread across the country, which makes the company readily available. View USHealth Group page at   

Moreover, the interested customers can even locate the nearest insurance agent through the company’s website or contact the company directly online for the company’s agent to contact you directly. High accessibility and attentive customer service have helped USHEALTH Group to retain its position as one of the leading health insurance providers in the country.

USHEALTH Group Inc also has an extensive portfolio of insurance products for its customers, which includes dental insurance, life insurance, health insurance, vision insurance, accident insurance, income protection insurance, critical illness insurance, disability income coverage, and much more. The primary target audience of USHEALTH Group Inc are individuals and the small business owners.

The small business owners and the middle market companies who are looking to provide their employees with the health insurance plans can consult with the company’s agent to discuss health benefits they want to cover and the features they want to exclude to define health insurance package that is economically viable and comprehensive at the same time.

USHEALTH Group has won many awards over the years for its exemplary services. One of the awards that the company recently won was the Gold Stevie Award for the best sales and customer service. The company’s CEO, Troy McQuagge, believes that health insurance is for everyone and everyone must be able to afford it and thus, there are many discounted and low priced health insurance products as well that are offered by the company along with the first dollar benefits.

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