The actions of Joe Arpaio and how they contributed to the start of the Frontera fund.

Human rights are some of the most critical aspects of any democracy and this is one of the key reasons why organizations that fight for them are considered as some of the most important organizations among our communities. This is build from the premise that some especially those are responsible for enforcing the law are some of the most blatant violators of these same laws that they are supposed to uphold especially if they are based on their personal discriminative perceptions on what others that are different from them especially in ethnicity or race are concerned. The need for these organizations to continue the fight for equal and fair treatment is what has been the rallying point of communities and individuals around them and empowered them to what they are today as they value the services that they provide to them dearly. Some of this organizations and foundations are self-funded while others are dependent on well-wishers to fund them in their activities.

Some of these organizations are the following

The Frontera fund was a fund that was started by Jim Larkin and Michael lacey this is an organization that can trace its roots to Maricopa County in Arizona. This was the home county of Sheriff Joe Arpaio on of the sheriff who was well known for targeting members of the Hispanic community especially as a way of “fighting crime”. He was so blatant that he was willing to arrest and detain journalist who spoke up against his ways and in the end, the county had to pay the two 3.75 million dollars as settlement for the same. The money was used to start the fund which today caters for the same community that he was so used to harassing and thanks to the steps taken by the Frontera fund the community in Arizona has been able to see a lot of improvements from the pre-Frontera era.

The antics of Sheriff Joe Arpaio on that October night when he made the illegal arrest against Michael lacey and Jim Larkin will forever change the future of Maricopa County as it redefined the way one can treat a journalist and get away with.