Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Takes Over As Temporary CEO Of Bradesco

The chairman of Bradesco will soon be changing, as stated by Luiz Carlos Trabuco who currently serves as the CEO of Bradesco. He announced this in an interview and spoke about the changes that will be made to the board of directors at Bradesco. The selected candidate will be following the company’s tradition of nominating members of the staff to the position that elected is set to leave. All the previous board members have adhered to this system.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be performing the role of CEO and chairman while the position is being filled out. The decision to take up this position temporarily came when Lázaro Brandão who currently serves as the company’s chairman is said to retire at the age of ninety-one, after serving in this position at the company for almost twenty-five years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be holding the position of chairman for a few months until the shareholders meeting is held, which will elect one member to become the Chairman, and one to take over as the CEO of the company. Trabuco has been an incredibly important person to the company and has played a vital role in bringing the company a huge amount of success. He has been involved with some of the biggest deals and clients that the company has been in contact with, and has worked hard to make his way to the top of his field. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is considered one of the top 100 people in the financial industry in Brazil. In 2015, he won the Entrepreneur of the Year in the field of finance, which was awarded to him by a magazine known as ‘This is Money,’ which is a popular financial and economics magazine that circulates in Brazil. He was also featured on the Forbes Top 100 List for being one of the most influential people in the country.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has led a brilliant career, most of which was spent working at Bradesco. He started out when he was still a teenager, at the age of eighteen. He took up a position of a bank clerk and worked for several years at it. He knew that to raise the ranks; he would have to work hard. With his determination, he climbed the corporate rung, and after fifteen years was given the position of the marketing director of the company. He was a brilliant marketing director for the company and modernized the way that the company interacted with the media and its customers and clients.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has also served as the chief executive officer of Bradesco Security in the past. He served at this position until 1998, after which he took up the position of Bradesco Seguros. Four years after working as the CEO of the company, he went on to become the President. During this time, he significantly improved the workings of the company and brought on several large clients that have been incredibly profitable for the entire corporation. Having spent so many years at one company alone has helped him incredibly in his career, which is why he is now able to effectively lead the entire company from his position that he has been granted.

Bradesco is currently one of the top two banking corporations in Brazil. It is the largest private banking company of its kind and currently operates out of its headquarters in Sao Paulo. The company has several other branches throughout Brazil and works through a wide network of outlets. The company has offered its services to several large banking institutions in the country. Some of the largest supermarkets, hospitals, and other kinds of industries have their accounts with this banking firm.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Guiding Bradesco Towards A New Era

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s appointment as the president of Bradesco in 2009 marked an important milestone in his long association with the Brazilian bank and its subsidiaries. For someone who joined the bank as a clerk at one of its branches in his hometown of Marília, his association with the company has now gone full cycle. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a Bradesco veteran who has spent the whole of his professional life working at one of Brazil’s largest banks and Latin America’s leading insurance and pension services provider.

The timing of his appointment is especially crucial in gauging his success since settling in his new role. For several years, Bradesco had occupied the enviable position of Brazil’s leading private bank in terms of asset value and market share. However, it lost the position to Itaú Unibanco, which is its fiercest rival in the Brazilian financial market. The Brazilian economy was in turmoil with few banks meeting valuation required by Bradesco’s management to sanction acquisition. Most importantly, his predecessor, Márcio Cypriano was leaving the post for nothing less than company laws that has an age cap. However, he left an excellent tarck record at the company marked by several acquisitions and growth in key areas of the company.

Career Background

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s rise to the top of Bradesco’s leadership in 2009 began decades earlier when he was promoted from working as a clerk to serve at the company’s headquarters in Sao Paulo. After ending his two-year service in the bank’s Marilia branch in 1971, he rose meteorically through the company’s ranks at the headquarters. In just over a decade, he was made the company’s managing director in 1984. His excellent track record in the position was rewarded with further promotions in 1992 when he was appointed to serve as the executive director of Bradesco’s pension division. By the time he left the subsidiary in 1998, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had already been appointed to serve as its president.

In 1999, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was further entrusted with a new position within the larger Bradesco fraternity. He was moved to Rio de Janeiro to serve as the vice president of Bradesco Seguros, which is a Bradesco subsidiary specializing in insurance services in Brazil and the larger Latin America region. He was later promoted to the presidency of the subsidiary in 2003 and has overseen significant growth of the subsidiary into an important part of Bradesco. He excellent track record at the company, which saw him guide the company to achieve several milestones including doubling of the company’s value.

Spearheading Organic Growth

Following his appointment as Bradesco’s president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi outlined his vision for the company. While appreciating the changing economic environment in Brazil, he set out on a mission to promote the organic growth of the bank. This strategy was hinged on opening of over 200 new branches with the view of promoting internal growth. Since then, Bradesco has grown tremendously. He has not only overseen the opening of new branches; he helped the bank acquire HSBC Brazil for a reported fee of $5.2 billion. His success saw him named the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year by Dinheiro in the Finance category. This is in addition to the Insurance Personality of the Year Awards he won in 2003 and 2007.

Education Background and Organizational Membership

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of São Paulo. He furthered his education with a postgraduate degree in sociopsychology from São Paulo School of Sociology and Politics. In addition to his current roles at Bradesco, he also heads Fenasaúde where he is also a board member. He is the president of Bradesco Vida e Previdência SA and Brazilian Federation of Bank Associations among others.

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