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No matter how big you believe your dream is, never be afraid to pursue it with determination and keep on trying. This is the story of Randy Hildebrandt who took some time to realize what he truly wanted out of life. He ended up finding fulfillment with a career from USHEALTH Advisors of USHEALTH Group.

Playing professional baseball had always been a goal of Randy’s since he was a child. He grew up in the big state of Texas with an admiration of Nolan Ryan, a professional baseball player. He spent some time playing the sport until an injury forced him to take another route with his life.

In college, Randy majored in business and economics with the idea that he would be paid a great salary upon graduation. He realized that his degree wasn’t as fulfilling as he had hoped and posted his resume on Careerbuilder to help him find something he could love. He was shortly contacted by a recruiter to sell insurance and he decided to give it a try. Learn more at about US Health Group.

Randy learned quickly with the help of a mentor to guide him. He learned the best way to speak with clients and how to conduct himself within the field. These skills he gained were great for USHEALTH Advisors when he became a Satellite Division Leader. It was in this role that Randy would meet with Troy McQuagge of USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Advisors.

USHEALTH Group provides tangible assistance to those in need from all over the country. They take care of their employees and a lot for communities who require funding and volunteers. Helping Other People Everyday, also known as HOPE, specializes in volunteering and partnering with organizations who also want to help people. They provide clothing, food, and even shelter to those in need.

Randy Hildebrandt’s story is inspiration for anyone who tried something and it didn’t work out the way they originally planned. Randy turned failure into success when he joined USHEALTH Group’s USHEALTH Advisors division. Randy motivates his children to pursue their goals and know that things always work out for the best.



USHEALTH Group Inc Highly Reputed and Progressive Health Insurance Provider

The health insurance industry is one of the most crowded as well as competitive industries in the United States. There are scores of health and life insurance companies operating in the country, but one of the companies that has been silently and efficiently doing its job for years is USHEALTH Group Inc. The company has a collective experience of over 50 years in the health insurance industry and has ensured that the customers get an economical and customized range of health insurance plans that meet their requirements optimally. Learn more about  USHealth Group at Crunchbase

In most of the cases, when people go looking for health insurance plans, they end up overspending or buying a plan they don’t need. However, the insurance agents of USHEALTH Group are well trained and certified and can grasp exactly what the customers are looking for. It has helped the company to provide suitable health insurance plans to over 15 million customers till date.

USHEALTH Group Inc has received rave reviews from thousands of its happy and satisfied customers. The company provides its health insurance plans through it’s two wholly owned subsidiaries, namely Freedom Life Insurance Company and National Life Insurance Company. The network of insurance agents of USHEALTH Group Inc is extensive and spread across the country, which makes the company readily available. View USHealth Group page at   

Moreover, the interested customers can even locate the nearest insurance agent through the company’s website or contact the company directly online for the company’s agent to contact you directly. High accessibility and attentive customer service have helped USHEALTH Group to retain its position as one of the leading health insurance providers in the country.

USHEALTH Group Inc also has an extensive portfolio of insurance products for its customers, which includes dental insurance, life insurance, health insurance, vision insurance, accident insurance, income protection insurance, critical illness insurance, disability income coverage, and much more. The primary target audience of USHEALTH Group Inc are individuals and the small business owners.

The small business owners and the middle market companies who are looking to provide their employees with the health insurance plans can consult with the company’s agent to discuss health benefits they want to cover and the features they want to exclude to define health insurance package that is economically viable and comprehensive at the same time.

USHEALTH Group has won many awards over the years for its exemplary services. One of the awards that the company recently won was the Gold Stevie Award for the best sales and customer service. The company’s CEO, Troy McQuagge, believes that health insurance is for everyone and everyone must be able to afford it and thus, there are many discounted and low priced health insurance products as well that are offered by the company along with the first dollar benefits.

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USHealth Advisors Offers A Great Salary

USHealth Advisors has been declared by employees as the greatest job on the planet. The reasons given for this include paid vacations, a phenomenal retirement plan, and a huge discount on a one of a kind health insurance policy. However, the biggest reason why employees love working for USHealth Advisors is that the pay is so generous.

Whether employees work in a USHealth Advisors establishment or from home, they are guaranteed to start with 55,000 dollars a year or more. There is also a union that fights for annual raises, too. In addition to the hefty salary, employees will also receive a commission on every client they take in. During the first year, employees receive a commission check once a month. During the second year, employees receive a commission check bi-weekly. During the third year, employees receive a commission check weekly, and it remains weekly from the third year on.

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In addition to regular commission checks, USHealth Advisors also distributes surprise bonuses to hundreds of employees each month. These bonuses are for employees who take in the most clients, make a great impact in the community, and bring the company to a further level. In total, USHealth Advisors have given out over 1 million dollars in bonuses alone. They are the only company to accomplish this, and the employees are sure to make this known on a daily basis.

For those who work in an USHealth Advisors establishment, you never have to worry about losing your job if you move out of town. USHealth Advisors has an establishment in every major city in the United States, and they also have an establishment in several small cities, too. Over the next 5 years, USHealth Advisors is hoping to have an establishment in almost every city in the United States. Stay up to date with USHealth Advisor at linkedin .

Many insurance companies do not let their employees transfer from one state to another, but USHealth Advisors considers every employee a family member. They never want to lose one of their family members, so they will always do all they can to keep an employee working. Even though many employees were forced to move from one state to another, they shed happy tears knowing they still had a job with USHealth Advisors.

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The Kind Hands of USHEALTH Advisors to the People

USHEALTH Advisors is a department responsible for marketing USHEALTH Group. Mainly, this arm is competent in matters to do with health coverage, insurance policies and so much more. Also focuses on helping the small entrepreneurs with their workers and all who depend on them. With very many years of action and experience in this field of operation, the organization has better knowledge on how to deal with different healthcare services. This agency believes in backing one up even when the person has no shoulder to lean on or even real friends to support and truly embrace one either in time of danger or peace.

When one is recruited as an advisor agent of this firm, he/she is required to undergo the proper training which will aid one in times of serving diverse clients. With confident and charming leaders around the agency, many clients have been motivated towards achieving the best. This firm is so much good to the extent of attaining awards for their great job when it comes to their way of working. Serving clients and offering a unique mode of solutions to their issues and needs is what the company has been up to. Customers to this agency enjoy since they are served well and in a calm manner.

The success of clients is what this firm minds and stresses up to achieve. When USHEALTH Advisors serve you, you acquire something they term as personal satisfactions where they make sure they help you to the last minute to ensure that client’s satisfaction is felt. On the other side, the agency makes sure it is never left behind. Every time the firm’s staffs serve one, they ensure they have correctly acquired what we call professional achievement due to how they care and carry with a lot of weight all that you take to them to be solved.

The company has always believed that before it succeeds, all that need help must first make it through the problems they undergo. They always pay the price to be able to gain the market niche needed for clients to prioritize and make it businesswise. To summarize it all is that kindness is much viewed in the services and all operations USHEALTH Advisors offer.

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Get Insurance Coverage with US Health Group

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) lasts from November 1 until December 15, 2017 for 2018. US Health Group has several lines of ACA health coverage. Some states have opted to extend open enrollment. These states include California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New York, Rhode Island. The District of Columbia, Washington D.C. also extended enrollment for 2018 coverage to end later December 31, 2018. US Health Advisors in your area can help you select from their line of health care products the most affordable and appropriate coverage for you and your family.

You can feel confident about your US Advisor group by researching each group through the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Every US Health advisors BBB rating is listed on the website at Generally, the Advisors have warranted a rating of A+ to A- according to the BBB.

You can locate the US Health Advisors location in your area by searching on the internet or the phone book. There is an office located in most regions of every state. Their phone numbers are listed and they have websites that can be found through an internet search.

US Health Advisors are knowledgeable about every aspect of their health insurance policies. They can explain what is covered by the policy; what the deductibles for the policy are and when they must be paid in order for the basic coverage to start; and what the maximum out of pocket cost are, if they apply. Your advisor can also explain the difference between state run exchanges and federal exchanges.

US Health Group’s varying policies include vision, dental, life, disability (income) and health insurance. Upon examining policies for any one area of your life, consider consolidating your carriers to one, US Health Group. The group is underwritten by two A+ BBB rated companies, the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The A.M. Best rating for the underwriting companies is a B-. Still, combining all your coverage in one place can be done so with confidence.

The enrollment period for many states is quickly approaching. To ensure your family has the medical protection you need, get your health insurance from US Health Group with the assistance of an US Health Advisor today. Visit at Facebook.


The Good USHEALTH AdvisorsDoes to Society

Some of the specialties that are available to the USHEALTH include Accident Coverage, Health Insurance Agent Recruiting, Innovative Fixed Indemnity Health Plans, Accident Coverage, Health Coverage, Life Insurance just to mention a few. All of these covers are offered in a customized manner, meaning that they are flexible around all depending on your financial ability as well as convenience.

To date, USHEALTH boasts of having close to 500 employees who have been very instrumental when it comes to penetrating the public and helping them get the cover that will best suit them. The USHEALTH Agents are also highly trained and will see to it that you have all of the information explained to you as exhaustively as possible, which is an additional advantage altogether.

Apart from ordinary people, USHEALTH makes sure that they have packages for families, self-employed as well as small businesses. And since they are good at what they do, they have managed to cover well over 15 million people, and the number keeps on increasing.

So, if you are in need of a cover, all you need to do is get in touch via their official website or even better, you can get to call them. There will always be enthusiastic customer care agents at the end of the line who will give you all of the information that you need. You can also enjoy a free quotation/estimate as long as you reach out to them via their official website.

USHEALTH is a privately-owned insurance company that offers incredibly affordable cover packages for its clients. Started sometime in 2010, the company has gone to provide a cover plan to millions of people across America. And thanks to their very amazing and transparent operations, the number keeps on increasing with each day which is more or less an impressive thing altogether.

Every client always gets fantastic cover, which goes a long way in helping them live a life free of worry. Apart from providing perfect cover for its people, the company also offers job opportunities for their clients which in turn gives them stability, which is more or less what everyone needs to get by. Know more: