Whitney Wolfe And Bumble Dating

There is a lot of praise for what Whitney Wolfe has created with Bumble. This has become known as the feminist version of Tinder. When people take a look at Bumble they have to recognize that Tinder was the original blueprint.

The Tinder app was co-created by Whitney Wolfe. She had the ability to draw in a large crowd because she already had a strong fan base of customers that were previously connected to Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe has made a name for herself by doing what people may have said that women could not do. She was stepping in a completely different platform. She wanted to. She wanted a new app, and she wanted to prove that women could penetrate the market for dating apps. Whitney was thrilled about the possibility of breaking the barriers for women in business while simultaneously creating a new method of dating where women would be able to get the chance to make the first move and save a lot of time. This is what she has done to bring about a different level of comfort with dating apps.

Women are moving towards this app, but men love it as well. The thing that makes this such a powerful app is the amount of time that it saves. So many people have been a able to cut down the hassle that it takes to wait for someone to respond. This can be torture. It is going to make a lot more sense to use Bumble if a speedy response is what you are looking for. Whitney Wolfe knows that this is what has attracted lots of people to invest in Bumble as they forsake all the other time draining apps that are out there. It’s the app that focuses on a 24-hour time period.

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