The Philanthropic Bid of U.S. Money Reserve to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey has created widespread damages in the South-eastern United States. Many corporates and charity groups lend their hands to rebuild Texas and other affected areas from the scratches with contributions. Among them, U.S. Money Reserve, the leading bullion supplier, came with a specific mission of assisting the victims of the hurricane. It raised $219,622 through individual donations to assist them. The firm that has offices in Beaumont, Houston and Austin set up a quick response action to support the revival mission. In September, it matched the total contributions made to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund of Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN), which was collected through YouCaring page. Learn more:


The CEO of the firm, Angela Koch, confirmed that the company was committed to helping the fellow Texans as though it could have affected the firm and its employees. The hurricane has made a close hit, and the company wanted to help its customers, employees, family, and everyone affected by the disaster. While the rebuilding needs tremendous resources, the management of the firm thought that it was the duty of the firm help the neighbors. Therefore, it collaborated with ADRN and other groups to assist in the recovery efforts. All of the amount raised by the firm went to the victims of the Texas Gulf Coast Region.


The Executive Director of ADRN, Daniel Geraci, said that the firms like U.S. Money Reserve helped the disaster response greatly considering the high financial demands. He also added that the amount raised by the company could help many lives to make an impact in their life. Harvey was categorized as Type 4 hurricane that created extensive damages in Texas on August 25, 2017. It also caused heavy landfall for almost six days due to a slow-moving storm. The flooding caused by the hurricane forced as many as 39,000 people to move from their homes to shelters.


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