How EOS became More Popular than Chapstick

The Evolution of Smooth was launched almost a decade ago by 3 elite business men; Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky. The lip balm company is currently worth a quarter of a million dollars and that number continues to grow. Kline Research has discovered that the oral care category is mainly driven by natural, organic products and that is exactly what EOS lip balm is all about.

Beauty editors of popular magazines, such as Allure and Cosmo rant and rave over the unique orbs of lip balm. They have also been seen in the hands of famous celebrities liked Kim K and Miley Cyrus.

EOS is currently the 2nd best-selling lip balm in the nation and has outdone American staples such as Chapstick and Blistex. However, the journey to selling over a million units a week was not an easy task.

Mehra stated on the Fast Company interview that they saw an opportunity in the lip balm industry because companies were being “lazy”. They wanted to create a product specifically for women and could be used as part of their daily beauty regimen. It was important that the lip balm was fun and enjoyable to use.

Initially it was difficult to get the product on store shelves. Buyers from major retailers, such as Target and Walmart, claimed that consumers would much rather use products they were used to, such as Chapstick. However, as fate would have it, they were lucky enough to score a meeting with a female buyer from Walgreens that loved the orb shaped lip balms and decided to put the products on their shelves. The rest is history.

Today, EOS lip balms can be found at almost any drugstore for just $3 ( The company has a massive Facebook following and continues to promote their products through beauty vloggers and other channels.

A Survey into Brand Lift Carried Out by Edison Research Announced by Norman Pattiz Chairman of PodcastOne Network

The outcome of a study conducted by Edison Research on behalf of PodcastOne advertising network was recently unveiled by the network’s Chairman, Norman Pattiz. The objective of the survey was to determine the consumer’s awareness and recollection of messages by different brands, and how the ability to remember anything specific about a particular product or service influenced their intention to make an actual purchase. It involved five leading consumer goods nationally across various service and product groupings, and the researchers did both post-study and pre-study analyses.



The research which is believed to be the only one of its kind so far produced interesting results about the message awareness of consumers about advertising on podcasts, and how they reacted to what they heard. Norman Pattiz who initiated and financed the survey is a well-known personality in the media industry. Under his competent leadership, Westwood One Studio which he founded has become the biggest radio network that provides news, entertainment, sports, traffic programming, and talk shows to the Broadcasting Sector. At one time or the other, Westwood One has distributed, owned or managed major networks such as CNN Radio, Mutual Broadcasting System, CBS News, NBC radio networks, NCAA Basketball , NFL Football, and the Super Bowl.



In the immediate past, he has established PodcastOne Sales and PodcastOne as the leading national podcast sales and marketing company. He found Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. Both President Bush and Clinton respectively appointed him on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. The board superintends Middle East Broadcasting, Radio Liberty, The Voice of America, and Radio Free Europe, which all provide broadcasting services about nonmilitary activities of the US. Pattiz was also the brainchild behind the conception and launching of television and radio networks in Arabic in every country in the Middle East. There is a particular broadcasting network in Farsi language with weekly listeners numbering more than 40 million in Iran. To Crown it all Mr. Pattiz was given the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting, and he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.



The findings of the survey mentioned above indicated that 60% of the respondents knew about a particular grocery product. 47% knew about a financial service without depending on any advertising message, while knowledge about a particular message of the campaign for an aftermarket product in automobiles rose by 60% in the post-survey. 76% of the participants knew about a casual restaurant for dining.


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End Citizens United Is Determined To Elect More Democrats Into The Congress

End Citizens United, a Political Action Committee (PAC) is seeking to end dark money in politics. The entity is focusing on supporting many Democrats into the Congress. Ahead of the 2018 midterm elections for Congress, End Citizens United has received over $4 million in the first quarter of the year. This amount shall be used to campaign for the endorsement of Democrat Jon Ossoff, a 30-year old first time candidate from Georgia. Ossoff is in the race to fill a House seat in Suburban Atlanta. It was left vacant by Tom Price, who is now the Health and Human Services Secretary. According to USA TODAY, the group is targeting to surpass their 2016 election contribution of $ 25 million to hit $35 million. They are urging contributors to donate $500,000 towards the congressional campaign of Ossoff. Tiffany Muller, the entity’s president, said that the collected amount was donated by 100,000 contributors. Remarkably, 40,000 of them were first time donors.

Tiffany, who is also the executive director of the PAC, said that they are still analyzing the races that they will support in 2018. She is the former deputy political director of the Senate Democrats’ campaign unit, and added that they are supporting Sens. Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Montana’s Jon Tester. Operating as a traditional PAC, End Citizens United does not accept offerings above $5,000 from each individual donor. Despite their offering cap, the group’s 2016 elections spending placed it among the top Democratic-aligned groups’ spending. The PAC’s spokesman, Adam Bozzi, said that they have managed to establish more connections through the campaign-finance groups. For instance, they have partnered with over twenty groups to persuade Republican senators who were supported by Betsy Devos not to vote on her nomination as Trump’s Education Secretary. However, campaign-finance experts have criticized the group’s aggressive fundraising and emphasized grassroots activism. This information was originally mentioned on USA Today.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United does not support the Supreme Court’s decision that paved way to union and corporate donations in politics, and gave rise to super PACs, thus increasing their unlimited spending. Billionaires have increasingly stoked big checks to elect candidates in their favor. End Citizens United was established in 2015 to advocate for accountability and transparency in election spending. Funded by grassroots donors, the PAC capitalizes on its grassroots membership to fight disastrous effects caused by the court’s decision and implement campaign finance reform. They seek to achieve these objectives by electing candidates who support such reforms and pushing lawmakers to take action. They also plan to create awareness on the issue of money in politics and make it a priority nationally. End Citizens United endorses Democratic candidates in key races with the objectives of ensuring that they champion meaningful reforms in the election process. Candidates are required to fill a questionnaire for the PAC to determine the suitable individuals that warrant the support of the institution. This information was originally published on End Citizens United’s website.

Hussain Saqwani Develops Luxurious Properties in the Middle East

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties in Dubai. The company is involved in residential and commercial properties as well as leisure properties in Dubai in the Middle East regions. The company is characterized by glitzy property developments and marketing strategies to draw major attention. They have been involved in golf course projects partnered with Donald Trump.

Although, DAMAC Properties is more well-known for real estate, Saqwani is also recognized for his outstanding food service, provided by his first business, a food catering service. They were recognized for providing outstanding food service to the United States army during operation Desert Storm. The catering company has provided service to major American corporations as well. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Hussain is getting ready for a recovery that is seen in United Arab Emirates property prices. He is also considering an initial public offering of shares of his company on the London Stock exchange. He is currently evaluating his options regarding a possible IPO.

Starting in 2002, Hussain Sajwani felt that the real estate market in Dubai was beginning to turn around. He had been involved in real estate projects in the mid-markets before 2002, however in 2002, he jumped full force into luxury developments and marketed them aggressively. He claims he saw the 2008 real estate crash coming. He cut costs and was able to ride through the storm. L

currently has several projects underway in major Middle Eastern markets. Because of brand recognition of DAMAC Properties, Hussain has joined forces with some well-known names to promote luxury apartments with interiors by Versace Home. He has worked on golf courses designed by Tiger Woods. He has worked on projects with Paramount Hotels and Resorts.

Hussain Saqwani is also actively involved in charitable giving and philanthropy. He has donated millions of dollars to organizations supporting underprivileged families and children.

Whitney Wolfe And Bumble Dating

There is a lot of praise for what Whitney Wolfe has created with Bumble. This has become known as the feminist version of Tinder. When people take a look at Bumble they have to recognize that Tinder was the original blueprint.

The Tinder app was co-created by Whitney Wolfe. She had the ability to draw in a large crowd because she already had a strong fan base of customers that were previously connected to Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe has made a name for herself by doing what people may have said that women could not do. She was stepping in a completely different platform. She wanted to. She wanted a new app, and she wanted to prove that women could penetrate the market for dating apps. Whitney was thrilled about the possibility of breaking the barriers for women in business while simultaneously creating a new method of dating where women would be able to get the chance to make the first move and save a lot of time. This is what she has done to bring about a different level of comfort with dating apps.

Women are moving towards this app, but men love it as well. The thing that makes this such a powerful app is the amount of time that it saves. So many people have been a able to cut down the hassle that it takes to wait for someone to respond. This can be torture. It is going to make a lot more sense to use Bumble if a speedy response is what you are looking for. Whitney Wolfe knows that this is what has attracted lots of people to invest in Bumble as they forsake all the other time draining apps that are out there. It’s the app that focuses on a 24-hour time period.

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Marketing in Brazil with Alexandre Gama

There are many people in Brazil who are trying to market to new customers. Over the past couple of years, this has been a growing area of business for many reasons. Not only that, but you need to realize just how much is changing in the market right now.

A lot of people are struggling with how to add value to others in a variety of ways. When it comes to marketing, you need to figure out a strategy that helps you bring in the most money while costing you as little as possible. Onto only that, but Alexandre Gama is the type of person you should be working with. There are few people in Brazil who have the business and marketing experience of Alexandre Gama.

Alexandre Gama’s Early Life

When Alexandre Gama first started out in business, few people thought that his career would turn into what it is today. However, he has done a great job of helping other people in a variety of ways. If you want to learn how to build up your business, Alexandre Gama is the person you should go to. There are a lot of people who are learning the basics of business from him.



Bruno Fagali: Why You Need A Reputable Legal Advisor

Looking to hire a lawyer for your personal or business issue in Brazil? Let Brazilian top lawyer, Bruno Fagali, provide you with advice or representation on the legal matter you are dealing with.

Legal problems can be very complex and frustrating, whether you’re dealing with a personal matter or a business related issue. A good lawyer can guide and advise you on the best ways to go about addressing the situation. In order to ensure a great outcome in any legal case, it is imperative to enlist the services of a well experienced attorney like Bruno Fagali.

You need an expert working hard for you who has a good understanding of the law pertaining to the legal situation you’re dealing with, knows how the system or process works, and protects your rights. This lawyer should be attentive to details and knows how to prevent you from taking steps that could be damaging to your business or professional status.

Bruno Fagali is a highly regarded attorney with many years of experience in the field. Bruno Fagali is passionate about helping businesses and individuals resolve their legal matters. Bruno Fagali has practiced Administrative Law and Regulatory Law for years and has earned a great reputation in his field.

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Bruno Fagali has a popular law office in Brazil and represents clients throughout the nation. Businesses and individual clients from all walks of life rely on Bruno Fagali to obtain the best possible outcome in their cases. Bruno Fagali speaks several languages including French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.




Oncotarget: Life Without Disease

“Life without disease” is the rallying call for Oncotarget. Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary journal with free access. The word “oncotarget” was coined to mean all processes and substances that pertain to cancer and aging of cells. It began as a journal for Oncology. It bore huge success due to its accommodative and punctual nature. This prompted its expansion to encompass other disciplines such as Microbiology and Immunology.

Oncotarget allows people to present their research papers. It gives a second chance to people whose articles have been rejected by other journals. It allows for constructive peer reviews. This allows one’s research to have the most impact. Publishing of papers is timely and is done on a weekly basis. It further allows meshing up of biomedical fields leading to integrative medicine. Oncotarget, which is published by Impact Journals

It also allows new findings to be published with haste.This journal is run by a team of top-notch scientists. They do this in various capacities of Editors-in Chief and members of the Editorial Board. These authors are tried and tested. Individual members of Oncotarget have won various accolades since 2013. These include the coveted Nobel Peace Prize and the Breakthrough Prize.

You can then be sure that you are submitting your work to an able panel of medical pundits.In the spirit of quicker publishing of papers, Oncotarget sponsors the Gordon Research conference. This is an annual conference aimed at showcasing new scientific findings. It also gives the opportunities to younger researchers to present papers, network with seasoned researchers and to get involved in the Frontiers of Science.

Overall, Oncotarget is a committed journal aimed at maximising the impact of research work by constructive and insightful peer reviews.prompted its expansion to encompass other disciplines such as Microbiology and Immunology. Download output styles at

Tammy Mazzocco and the Goal that Came True

Tammy Mazzocco is a very goal oriented person, and it would seem like she has attained some of her major goals in the real estate business. She has had her real estate license since 1995 but did not go into full-time selling until 1999. She had worked for several real estate agencies like reMax and agents and had seen the income potential of selling real estate, and that is what caused her to take the plunge.

Tammy is a successful resident real estate seller in Central, and she works four counties in her efforts, a regimen that keeps her busy. She has done well, and the reason is that she segments her time into slices of life that keep her doing the things that are productive.

Tammy starts her day with some meditation, a few stretching exercises, and then moves to her desk to get some paperwork out of the way. From there, she gets on the telephone to line up appointments and people who she can meet and show them houses. This has been the routine that Mazzocco has followed for years.

When dealing with people, Tammy likes to emphasize that when a realtor doesn’t concentrate on the needs of the clients, nothing will work correctly. When client’s feel that the realtor understands their issues, some manner of sale is almost assured. It is very important that Realtors know this and carry it out. Tammy goes on to say that she has to zero in on the needs and concerns of the client whatever they may be.

The earlier days were difficult for Tammy Mazzocco because she was very shy and found that it was difficult to speak with people. Someone suggested that she always start the conversation and that way the other party would have to pick up and respond. That worked very well. Mazzocco always learned and didn’t hesitate to use a good idea if it worked. That is why she has been so successful.

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Fabletics Reaches Subscription Service Fans

Women that are working out want it look good when they are out for jog. They want to be trendy when they leave home for the gym. Kate Hudson believes this, and she knows the solution for this dilemma.


Fabletics is the company that she helped create along with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. This serves as a platform that caters to women that are looking for clothing that is comfortable and flattering. She has been able to provide what women are in need of because she knows how women feel about the workout process.


Kate Hudson is a celebrity that appears in movies, but she is still aware of the insecurities that women have. She is someone that is open about her body and her shape, and she lets people know that she works hard too keep to the figure that she has. Fabletics does is serve as a platform for her to encourage women and market clothes that they will feel comfortable wearing.


Athlesiure clothing is really taking off, and Fabletics seems to be the company that is spearheading this movement. Kate Hudson is prepared to compete with the competition by offering a large selection of athlesiure clothes that cannot be found anywhere else.


This type of clothing is something that allows her to compete with department stores that have been selling clothing to women for years. Many women that are looking for clothes for working out may find a limited selection in one store and other items in another place. Others may find that they cannot even find leggings and activewear in the same place sometimes. This is what Kate Hudson focuses on in order to compete successfully. She has devised a strategy where her clothing line is an extensive amount of workout clothing and accessories that meet the needs of women of lots of different sizes. She is capitalizing on this niche market, and that allows her to gain leverage over Amazon.


People that have shopped on Amazon are aware that this company has a large selection of things like clothes, but many times these are third-party vendors that are selling products that are found on this website. This gives customers a lot of different options, but it is obvious that there is no real connection with the customers through Amazon. Many of these companies that are selling similar products do not even have models in place to advertise the clothes to customers.


It makes sense to have customers in place that are going to be loyal to the brand. This is why Kate Hudson is pushing for subscription services. This gives her the ability to predict the number of customers that plan to patronize Fabletics throughout the course of the year. This is very valuable information because it allows her to set a scope of what revenue will be. Is very interesting for this brand to move in the way that it does because it shows that customers are fans of subscription services for clothing.